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Friday, October 4, 2019

Who is The Mother???

Who is The Mother???  

Who is The Mother???

The word mother is very small, but its importance or significance is immense.

We can see the light of the earth for this mother. The details of how a mother works so hard to bring a child into the world cannot be described. It has been scientifically discovered that a healthy strong person can withstand 45-47 units of pain, and if the bones of this pain become 47+ units, then the death of that healthy person is inevitable. And it has also been discovered that when a mother brings her baby from the womb to the world, that mother suffers 57+ units of pain just to show you the light of this world. And the extent of this pain is such that if a healthy person's twenty bones are broken, and then this person feels a pain, and the same pain of this person’s mother feels for bringing her child to earth. 

It is narrated in a Hadith that a companion came to Hazrat Muhammad (SM) and asked, "O Messenger of Allah, whom will I respect and love? Who is the mother or the father?” In response to this question, the Prophet of Allah said four times “Mother, mother, mother and mother. And for the fifth time the father said". 

Both mothers and fathers treat us equally. But Mother does more than one place from our father. That is when we are in the womb of the mother for 10  months and 10 days, and no one in the world can do this without our mothers. So the honor of the mother is more than that of our father.

It cannot be said from a child who is the mother or what the meaning of mother. My only request to those who read this blog is to never hurt your mother. Because if your mother complains to Allah for you after suffering, then your loss is sure. In the words, gunfire can be worthless, bombs and ammunition can be wasted but mother's blessings or curses for you will never be canceled or failed.

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