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Saturday, October 5, 2019

What The Mean of Father???

What The Mean of Father???

 What The Mean of Father???

Do you know what the mean of dad? What is the meaning of the word father? In fact, ninety percent of us do not know what the Father means or whether the Father is important to us. Okay so today I will tell you what a father means or how important a father is in our lives.

The word of father is 6 letters but this six letters word is more valuable to a child than the diamond of Kohinoor. Father is the person who shades us in the sun like a tree. He who soaks in the rain gives us a roof like a house. Dad is one of the valuable thing that makes us eat without eating his salves. No one in the world can explain how important a father is to a child.

Dad is like a lot of boulder stone over people but the inside is like soft cotton. Whoever has a father does not understand the meaning of his father, but he who does not have a father understands the meaning of his father. This father is a mercy to us from the favor of Allah.
You are an oil-free car without a father.

So my personal appeal to those reading this blog is that you treat your father well and learn to love your father.

Daddy is all mine. I love my dad

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